PsyPhyCare, a division of Business Staffing of America, Inc., is seeking to fill a position and contract full-time with a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) for a Federally supported client in Manhattan, KS

Reports to the Health and Wellness Manager or designee. Performs duties concerned with the care of the sick and injured, prevention of illness and promotion of good health in compliance with government and management directives.

Medical Services are required on a weekly basis to assist students (populations range from 100 to over 300) in attaining and maintaining optimal health with the services being provided at the Center. These services will involve the monitoring of the Health and Wellness program to ensure that students acquire the health-related skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help make them employable.


Our client provides care at a Wellness Center servicing at risk youth on a residential campus to prepare them for meaningful employment. Students ages range from 16 thru 24 years at our location in Reno, NV 89506


40 hours per week or 5 days out of the normal work week. The facility is open Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM with the weekends off.


  • Render first aid treatment and assist physician in treating serious accidents or illness.
  • Treat minor injuries and illnesses according to doctors instructions and maintain student health.
  • Cleanse and dress wounds, operation emergency equipment and provide follow-up nursing care as required.
  • Prepare and administer specified medications and drugs and assist in developing programs to prevent and control diseases and accidents.
  • Conduct cursory medical exams during students first 24 hours on center; assist with medical histories, eye exams, and physicals.
  • Conduct designated wellness center programs as assigned; assist in organizing counseling and education on staying healthy.
  • Monitor students restricted to wellness services.
  • Participate in required staff training.
  • Support, promote, and enforce the Job Corps Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Perform phlebotomy and specimen collection.
  • Participate in student employability programs and activities.
  • Promote the development of Career Success standards by modeling appropriate behaviors, mentoring students where necessary and monitoring both positive and negative behaviors through interventions.
  • Maintain accountability of students and property; adhere to safety practices.


  • Valid Licensed Practical Nurse license in the state of Kansas
  • Must have an active, unrestricted license to practice in Kansas
  • One (1) year related experience.
  • Experience working with youth
  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communication skills
  • Must posses current and active CPR / First Aid Certification
  • Valid driver’s license, with an acceptable driving record